Stephen Moore & Co have a contract with the Legal Aid Agency authorising us to provide specialist help to represent clients at the Magistrates and Crown Courts. If you have been charged or summonsed with an offence then please call 01604 601000 or 01788-535127 and a member of our team will help you step by step to apply for and obtain legal aid to cover the cost of your defence.

There are two ways that proceedings in the criminal courts can be funded:

  • By applying for and obtaining legal aid.
  • By instructing a solicitor privately.

Overview for Private Paying Clients.

We discuss the funding of your case with you before we begin work, we may well be able to agree a fixed fee for a straight forward case. If not we will detail how our charges are calculated and give you our best estimate of the likely total cost of your defence. We will update you as your case progresses if there should be a change to that estimate. Our terms and conditions of business set out more detailed information - click here to view.

In order to discuss instructing Stephen Moore & Co  please call 01604 601000 or 01788-535127 and a member of our team will help you.


Overview for legal aid clients

Magistrates Court cases.
The legal aid scheme will provide funding for the cost of your defence in the magistrates court provided

  • You qualify on means. You will pass the means test if you are in receipt of Income Support, Income based Job seekers allowance, E.S.A., or Pension credit. You are likely to qualify if you otherwise have a very low disposable income. You can click on this link to check if you are eligible for legal aid LAA Eligibility Calculator
  • Your case meets the interests of justice test.

In the Youth Court
All persons under 18 will be passported through the legal aid means test and are almost certain to pass the interests of Justice test and so be granted legal aid.

In the Crown Court
The legal aid scheme will cover the cost of providing you with Representation but you may have a contribution to pay from your income depending upon your disposable income or from your capital if it is above the allowed limits.