Help at Police Station

The majority of cases will start at the Police Station. People will either find themselves being arrested and taken to a police station for interview or being asked to attend on a voluntary basis.

Everybody at the police station has the right to free and independent legal advice.

You also have the right to request the solicitor of your choice.

If you are attending the police station either:

  • as a volunteer
  • returning on bail
  • or have been arrested

then a member of our criminal law team will be happy to represent you free of charge.

The presence of a solicitor in no way reflects on your guilt or innocence and what happens at the police station can have a critical bearing on the ultimate outcome of the case.

Free 24 hour Police Station Representation – request Stephen Moore & Co on arrival at the police station.

Main: 01788 535127
Emergency: 07850 181185
Main: 01604 601000
Emergency: 07973 787526

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